Sunday, September 19, 2021

In the United States alone, there are approximately 1.37 million abortions performed annually. That is a staggering 3,700 babies a day that will never take their first breath. This mission field is all around us: it is in our schools, in our neighborhoods, in our communities and in our churches.
Have you ever wanted your church, women’s ministry or youth ministry to take an active part in the pro-life movement? Everyone can pray, and should, but how about doing something proactive to help! In this mission field, there are actually two lives to save: the spiritual life of the mother and the physical life of the baby.

“Tiny Hands that Hold My Heart”
, is a crisis pregnancy booklet that chronicles the nine months of pregnancy with relevant scripture and real life photography from inside the womb. It is an excellent, life-saving tool that is being used by crisis pregnancy centers and sidewalk counselors to offer hope and an alternative to abortion to women who feel there is no other option.

"Signatures for Souls" offers a way for your church, women’s ministry, or youth ministry to take an active role in the pro-life movement, by helping provide these life-saving booklets to organizations and individuals who interact directly with women facing crisis pregnancies. It works like this….

  1. Purchase a quantity of Tiny Hands crisis pregnancy booklets for $1.00 each (this covers the print cost of the booklets, the shipping cost to your location and is tax deductible).
  2. Hold an event at your church or within your ministry (such as a Women’s retreat, Ladies Night Out, or youth event).
  3. Explain what the Tiny Hands booklet is and how it helps women facing crisis pregnancies. Utilize our promotional YouTube video as well.
  4. Ask attendees at your event to donate $1 or more per booklet.
  5. Each booklet you receive a donation for, the attendee can personally sign with a prayer, scripture verse or other word of encouragement for the women in need.
  6. Encourage each attendee to make a donation for multiple booklets. Participants may keep booklets to distribute themselves or donate them back for others to distribute.
  7. Have one or two people within your group collect the signed booklets and volunteer to drive them to a local crisis pregnancy center or to sidewalk counselors in your area. We will provide you with a list in your area. It will be such a blessing to them and they will put the booklets to good use.
  8. Keep any funds raised to use for your church or ministry, or donate it to a local crisis pregnancy center.

If you as an individual, your church or ministry would like more information about the Signatures for Souls program, please send an email to: Please feel free to use the video or download our Signatures for Souls information document.

Fundraising Opportunity
The "Signatures for Souls" concept can also be used as a fundraising program for your Crisis Pregnancy Center. The same ideas on this page would be applicable, but you could ask your donors to contribute $2, $3 or even $5 a copy.

Allowing the donors to sign, pray for and personalize the booklets lets them take an active role in helping the women in need - instead of just making a blind monetary contribution.

This would make a great addition to your fundraising banquet or any other fundraising event. We have a YouTube video just for Crisis Pregnancy Centers, which can be shown at your event, and you can download our Signatures for Souls Crisis Pregnancy Center fundraising document.
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